Rediscovering the Pleasure of Leading Worship

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With a hearty “Amen” another worship set was complete. Yet, as I put my guitar on it’s stand and walked off stage, I was disturbed by an empty feeling in my heart. For the last thirty minutes I hadn’t really led worship. It felt more like I just sang a bunch of songs. Where was the passion? Where had the joy gone? As I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a number of worship leaders, I’ve come to realize that I’m not the only one who has wrestled with joyless, passionless feelings concerning worship. But how is it that worship leaders lose their joy and passion? (more…)

Is God Listening?

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Thoughts From Amos 5

“Is God Listening?” This question stopped me in my tracks while I was reading a short book written by Pastor/Worship Leader/Song Writer David Ruis, entitled “The Worship God is Seeking: An Exploration of Worship and the Kingdom of God”. The words absolutely jumped off the page at me. The question wasn’t asked with a sarcastic or judgmental tone. (more…)

The Worshippers God Seeks

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Thoughts From John 4:21-23

The 4th chapter of the Gospel of John where the Apostle John tells the story of Jesus meeting and talking with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well in the town of Sychar, has always been a favorite of mine. This particular section of scripture has so many incredible “nuggets” to mine. However, I want to focus your attention primarily upon verses 21-23. The woman asks Jesus an important question regarding the “how” and “where” of worship. (more…)

Three Keys to Successful Worship Leading in a Small Church Setting

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The auditorium is packed with people and the air is charged with an anticipation of meeting with the Almighty God. Quickly everyone takes his or her place as the worship leader cues the band. Within an instant, the entire congregation ignites into heartfelt, dynamic, spirit-filled worship. (more…)

Consumer Worship – Thoughts on Popular Worship

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Several months ago a friend and I engaged in a conversation about worship. Specifically, we talked about the recent “contemporary worship” explosion occurring worldwide. It seems that just about every church now offers some form of “contemporary or modern worship” in their weekend services. Even mainstream bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders carry a selection of Contemporary Worship. In fact, in recent years, the demand for contemporary worship music, worldwide, has grown at such an exponential rate that the Time-Life Warner Worship Series (sold through TV ads) has become their number one selling series of all time; surpassing Elvis and the Beatles. (more…)